The Elevate Building Group show us how its done with Wallmaster Paints.

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The Elevate Building Group used Wallmaster WeatherPlus on the outside of this new weatherboard home to provide a long lasting exterior finish for their clients.

Then on the inside Wallmaster Paint Professional Series was used for the ceilings, walls and trim to minimise residual VOC-related odour for their client. Wallmaster Professional Series products are all low in VOC.

The Exterior

Wallmaster Paints WeatherPlus Low Sheen Paint

For the exterior, this team understands the value of using premium exterior products from the get-go, especially on new construction materials such as this cement sheet weatherboard.  Most importantly, the application of a high quality sealer/primer to the bare cement sheet to condition the surface ready for the WeatherPlus.  Wallmaster Multi-seal binds up any loose micro contaminants and provides a solid surface ready for the WeatherPlus to adhere. 

The two products combine to form a long lasting paint system guaranteed to never peel off due to the common occurrence of micro surface contaminants being left on a surface prior to painting.

The Inside

 Wallmaster Acrylic Primer Undercoat PaintWallmaster Professional Low Sheen Paint

On the inside of the home, the new paper-faced board is sealed and primed with Wallmaster Acrylic Primer Undercoat. This seals up the flushing and provide a solid uniform undercoat with a solid hide of the substrate and flushing.  Also the Wallmaster Acrylic Primer Undercoat provides a low suction surface to extend application working times for the Wallmaster Professional Low Sheen interior wall finish.  Applying the final wall finish to a low suction surface guarantees a beautiful uniform result.


The trim and doors are first undercoated with Wallmaster Multiblock Primer, a Wallmaster product that painters call "the game changer".  It provides enormous multi-substrate adhesion to all timbers. They say it is the only water based low VOC timber primer on the market that adheres better than a traditional oil based enamel. 

In addition, the Wallmaster Multiblock Primer stops timber stain bleed through and most importantly provides an ultra low suction surface for extended working and application time of the following Wallmaster Acrylic Trim Enamel.

Wallmaster Paints Professional Acrylic Trim Enamel Satin Paint

The Wallmaster Acrylic Trim Enamel is water based, low in VOC and odour and has very high scratch and stain resistance.  One of the unique application benefits of Wallmaster Acrylic Trim Enamel is the way it dries.  The product holds wet and workable for about 20 minutes. This is more than enough time to complete any doors and trim after which it quickly becomes tack free and resistant to dust pick-up.

The final curing of the Wallmaster Acrylic Trim Enamel is rapid and very useful to the paint trade. This means that they don't have the normal problem of dust sticking to the new paint that often occurs at new building sites. Doors can also be handled within a short space of time.  There is just nothing like the Wallmaster Acrylic Trim Enamel for new construction sites where dust contamination of a premium paint finish is always an issue.


Comment from the applicators on Instagram.

"We know the quality of finish and longevity is the highest it can be. Not to mention, all Aussie owned. Keep it local!"

View their post an see the applicators in action by clicking the photo above.



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