Weather Tough Exterior Paints. Durable and fade resistant in any Australian condition.

Wallmaster WeatherPlus - Australia’s toughest paint for all exterior surfaces. Formulated by Australian Chemists with our exclusive Dirtguard® Technology that brings a new level of fade resistance and hard wearing toughness to the exterior of your home.

Guaranteed to perform in any climatic conditions, WeatherPlus is highly flexible expanding and contracting with the substrate. WeatherPlus will not crack or peel for the life of the paint.

Why Choose WeatherPlus.

WeatherPlus lasts three time longer than other exterior paints.

For more than 42 years our chemists have developed innovative paint and colour pigment technologies to meet the harsh climatic challenges of our Australian and overseas markets. Unlike most shop tinted paints, WeatherPlus is coloured with our most advanced and highly light stabilised pigments.

The colour pigments are ultra UV tough, fade resistant and retain their rich depth of colour for the life of the paint.  We guarantee your home will keep that just painted look and street appeal for up to three times longer than other exterior paints.

WeatherPlus remains clean and stain resistant.

Exclusive to WeatherPlus is Dirtguard® Technology, an industry leading technology developed by our Wallmaster Chemists.

Dirtguard® Technology bring a new level of exterior durability and surface toughness to exterior paint. It employs aerospace industry polycarbonate technologies to give molecular level protection against damage from UV light, water and environmental contaminants.

Dirt, dust and contaminates wash away easily from its surface maintaining that freshly painted look.


Herb Garden 155-4

A unique ultra-smooth finish with a warm subtle and very natural glow.

Now more than ever deep tone durability is an important consideration when choosing the product to protect and decorate your home. We know how to keep exterior paints looking freshly painted for longer. WeatherPlus with Dirtguard® Technology is unlike any other paint in Australia, our low sheen and matt finishes are ultra-smooth, stain resistant, stay clean and give off a warm subtle and very natural glow.  As you can see the James Hardie® Axon and Matrix Cladding painted with WeatherPlus Matt, it gives off the unique appearance of a high-grade factory finished panel at a fraction of the cost.

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Weather Tough Exterior Paints.

  • Stay clean even in a black
  • Superior UV and Fade Resistance
  • Highly flexible
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Mould and Mildew Protection
  • Strong stain resistance
  • Australian Made and Owned
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