Firewall Render

Firewall Non Combustible Render Systems for PVC
Australian Made Paint texture Coatings and Render

Firewall Render

Armatex Firewall Render is a 100% Acrylic Bound Render, filled with light weight aggregates and specialty additives that promote strong adhesion to difficult substrates such as painted surfaces and PVC. This adhesion is maintained even during large scale fire testing to AS5113 when exposed to 30 minutes of extreme fire and radiant heat while at the same time being exposed to thermal drift and warping of the substrate.

The product can be applied at a thickness of up to 20 mm in one single application without the normal shrinkage cracks and drumminess associated with traditional sand and cement renders. As the product is light weight it allows for high build vertical applications with high resistance to slump during and after applications.

The render is a water reducible compound that is supplied ready for use straight from the drum apart from the required addition of between, 3%-5% and up to 15% cement or fondu by weight for exterior use.

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