Energy Star Exterior Metalflex

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Energy Star Metalflex is a premium grade water-based 100% acrylic coating, designed for use on all correctly prepared and primed sloped metal roofing. The product is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.), and is available in a gloss finish that will provide a similar appearance to factory finished metal sheet.


An Infrared Heat Reflective Topcoat With High
Block Resistance For Metal Roofing And Sidewall.


Energy Star Metalflex is adhesion promoted and provides a strong bond to primed metal substrates. It has excellent flexibility and copes well with the dimensional instability of metal roofing sheet. The product has excellent dirt pickup resistance as it incorporates Dirtguard® technology that was originally developed by Astec to tolerate the demanding environments of Asian cities.

Energy Star Metalflex is an excellent replacement for Solvent-borne acrylics and polyurethane, providing many of the same performance properties without harmful solvent release to the atmosphere.

Energy Star Metalflex is the most advanced and functional metal roof coating available in Australia. It provides high Solar Reflectivity in dark colours, excellent resistance to moisture and remains cleaner far longer than any other roofing acrylic available.

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