About Astec Paints

Trusted by Architects, Builders and Renovators…Since 1978

We are an Australian owned and operated company that has been manufacturing in South Australia since 1978. Our products are a well known and a highly trusted brand in Australia and we are proud of the fact that over the past 41 years 50% of the products we make are for export to Japan, China and South Korea.  These exports help keep local jobs in the South Australian manufacturing sector alive and well.

All of our products are manufactured in South Australia to AS/NZS 9001-2008 Quality Assurance Standards and carry independent third part accreditation's such as CodeMark Certification, Good Environment Choice Australia Certification and display the Australian Made and Owned logo mark.

Our leading Australian brands;
  • Wallmaster Paints
  • Astec Paints
  • Armatex Architectural Textures and Renders
  • Energy Star Heat Reflective Coatings.