Professional Multiblock Primer

Wallmaster Paints Professional Multiblock Primer Paint
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Professional Multiblock Primer


WALLMASTER PRO Multi-Block Primer is a water-based sealer and undercoat. It is a versatile product used during new construction and renovation to seal and prime different trim and door materials installed during second fix carpentry and joinery. Multi-Block eliminates the need for multiple sealers, primers and / or undercoats to ensure correct adhesion, fill and gloss hold out of the final trim finishes. It resists tannin and knot bleeding especially from tropical woods. It minimises grain-rising in bare timber and bare MDF and is highly resistant to water stain bleeding. The multi substrate adhesion compatibility and stain bleed performance of Multi-Block affords the applicator the convenience of only a single product required to prime, seal and / or undercoat all door, door jams, skirtings and architraves making it the ideal preparation coat for use during new construction and home renovation.

Principal Uses

Pre-primed MDF, aged enamels, timber, meranti, merbau, cement sheet, water stained timber and paper faced wallboards, tannin stains, plaster, galvanised metal and aluminium. Do not use this product for any other purpose than as specified in our literature.

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