Ezy-Float RBB Render

Ezy-Float RBB Render
Ezy-Float RBB Render

Ezy-Float RBB Render


Ezy-Float RBB Render is a polymer modified, mineral based, trowel-on render that was developed to provide an acrylic render with application properties similar to that of a traditional sand cement render. 

RBB Render is easily to apply and simple to float finished with a high-density blue polystyrene foam float producing a flat and uniform rendered appearance that it easy for the applicator to achieve. 

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Multi Residential

Fire tested (N.C.C.) Compliant Façade Render Systems for PVC-AAC & FC Sheet.

Watertight Seafront Performance

Elastomeric performance stops the ingress of salts and wind driven rain.

Heat Reflective & Energy Efficient

Energy Star® will Significantly Reduce Absorbed Heat and Cooling Costs.
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