Fibre Cement Sheet & Panel

Firewall Non Combustible Render Primer
Firewall Non Combustible Render Primer
Australian Made and Owned Paint and Renders

1st Coat Firewall Aggra-Prime.

1530 Non Combustible Render
1530 Non Combustible Render
Australian Made and Owned Render

2nd Coat Firewall 1530 Render Non-Combustible.

Texture Coating for Render
Texture Coating for Render
Armatex Tuscany Trowel-On
Australian Made and Owned Paint

3rd Coat Armatex Texture Coating.

Energy Star Dirtguard IR Elastic PCM Low Sheen
Energy Star Dirtguard IR Elastic PCM Low Sheen
Australian Made and Owned Heat Reflective Paint

4th & 5th Coats Heat Reflective, Elastomeric Coating.

ABCB directive:- Type A & B construction external walls & facades assessed under DtS provisions,
RENDER must be non-combustible.   Learn More

Buildings of Type A & B construction
Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) provisions for external walls

❌-NCC cl C1.9(d) and C1.9(e) does not exempt render and requires it to qualify as non-combustible under cl C1.14(a).
❌-NCC cl C1.10 and sub-paragraphs not relevant for external wall coatings.
✅-NCC cl C1.14(l) only exempts paint and similar finishes including textured paint and primers.

Performance Solution for external walls

✅ Must be prepared by a suitably qualified fire engineer and the coating system must have large scale AS5113 & BS8414 fire tests conducted by accredited NATA test facilities.

Armatex Firewall NCC compliant Solutions-(Masonry/AAC/CFC/PVC)

Armatex Firewall 1530 Render Non-Combustible (Masonry/AAC/CFC) panels Passes AS1530.1 and tested at NATA approved test facilities.
Armatex Firewall Render coating system (PVC panels) tested to AS5113 and BS8414 at NATA approved test facilities. DtS compliant for Type C construction and performance based solution for Type A & B construction by a suitably qualified fire engineer. Results independently assessed by Red Fire Engineers.
Armatex Texture Coatings, primers and Energy Star Paint, exempt under clause C1.14(l).

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Astec Firewall System for Fibre Cement Sheet Panel & Permanent Form-work.

This Render and coating system satisfied the non-combustibility provisions relevant To the Building Code of Australia's Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions for an External Render and paint System. 

  • Firewall Aggra-Prime substrate Primer coating
  • Firewall 1530 render non-combustible Render
  • Armatex Texture Coating
  • Heat reflective elastomeric coating

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Codemark certification

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