Elastomeric Wall Coatings

Waterproof Anti-carbonation Protection For Masonry Facades.

Distinctly different to any exterior paint.

Astec Crack-Bridging Elastomeric wall coatings are classified as functional coatings as they perform more than just the role of a decorative exterior wall paint. They are designed with the mechanical properties required to tolerate building movement without cracking, stop the ingress of water to building internals and allow moisture vapour to diffuse from the substrate. 

They perform the role of an elastic waterproof envelope across the entire building façade.

Easily bridge cracks and stop water from entering the building.

Unlike normal paint, Astec elastomeric wall coatings maintain their elasticity with time. Substrate movement for whatever reason leads to cracks. These cracks are easily bridged during initial application and remain bridged throughout the worst ravages of cold winters and hot humid summers.

Other than poor aesthetic appeal, cracks in a buildings protective finish leaves the building vulnerable to premature masonry failures. The cracks allow the ingress of water, chloride irons, (salts), and environmental gases such as, (So2 and Co2) into the masonry substrate and expose the concrete and it’s reinforcement to their potentially destructive effects.

Permanent Built in Elasticity.

Masonry wall retrofit has always been at a premature expense to building owners where the paint is in good sound condition other than unsightly cracks over surface movement that allows water to enter the building.

Unlike normal paint, Astec elastomeric wall coatings maintain their elasticity with time and possess the ability to bridge a forth coming crack 31 times their dry film thickness. They tolerate continually moving cracks in the substrate and remain crack free and waterproof during the extremes of all weather conditions. 

Example:  A 180 micron dry film thickness will accommodate a forthcoming crack of 5.58 mm.

Waterproof Crack Bridging Elastomeric Wall Coatings.

Low temperature flexibility to -20 degrees Celsius  - No Cracking during extreme low temperatures.

High water resistance <1 g/24h/m2/kPa - Waterproofs the substrate and building internals.

High water vapour transmission g/m²/24 hour / 118.70 - Substrate can breathe moisture vapour.

Independent Testing to Australian Standards

Australian standards such as AS 5146.3:2015, (external coatings for autoclaved aerated concrete), call for a waterproof elastomeric topcoat that must be water resistant, vapour permeable and capable of bridging a 1mm crack in the substrate.

Astec elastomeric wall coatings have been Independent testing to Australian Standards AS 4548 (Guide to long-life coatings for concrete and masonry) and have a proven their ability to bridge a forth coming crack 31.7 times their dry film thickness, be highly water resistance with <1 g/24h/m2/kPa and have exceptionally high water vapour permeability at 118.70 g/m²/24 hour diffusing through their film.

Anti-Carbonation Protection

The invisible enemy of reinforced concrete. 

The acid gases in the air are carbon dioxide (CO2), naturally present in all air, and increased by industrial produced gases such as sulphur dioxide (SO2). These two gases combine with the moisture in the atmosphere and react with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete producing calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate (gypsum). When this happens, the natural alkalinity of the concrete is lost leaving the steel reinforcement’s unprotected and free for corrosive attack to occur. The worlds increased levels of environmental pollutants accelerate these degrative affects to masonry.

Astec Elastomeric Wall Coatings ensure protection year in year out against the ingress of water, carbon dioxide, chloride irons and all their potentially destructive effects. Moreover, their unique Dirtguard technology provides outstanding UV durability and resistance to dirt pick-up. They possess excellent elasticity and elongation properties necessary to bridge continually- moving cracks for long-term waterproof protection of the building envelope.

The Best Elastomeric Wall Coatings Go Unnoticed!


Heat and moisture are the two main contributing factors that accelerate the degradation of exterior coatings. In highly humid, tropical environments, conventional acrylics have been known to last as little as three years by fading from its original depth of colour. Astec and Energy Star elastomeric coatings have increased durability and life expectancy compared with conventional paints. After exposure to 2800hrs of UVB 313/Moisture testing, in accordance to ASTM G53-96 the, gloss, depth of colour, adhesion and film integrity remained un-changed, providing a performance increase of more than 400% when compared to a standard exterior acrylic.

Low Temperature Flexibility-Down To -20 deg C

Membranes for dimensionally unstable masonry substrates must have long-term low temperature flexibility. This flexibility is necessary to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction of the substrate caused by rapid freeze/thaw weather cycling. Many products claim elastomeric performance, but do not have this main property of low temperature flexibility that is essential to a truly durable elastomeric coating.

Key Performance Benefits.

  • Excellent Crack Bridging - 31.7 x dft.
  • Excellent elongation and recovery.
  • Resistance to Co2
  • Resistance to Chloride Irons (Seafront)
  • Plasticizer free, (internally plasticized) 
  • Outstanding elastic recovery.
  • Low temperate flexibility to – 20ºC
  • Low V.O.C., Low odour. 
  • Excellent resistance to alkali.
  • High water vapour transmission 118.70 g/m²/24 hour.
  • High water resistance <1 g/24h/m2/kPa
  • High Solar Reflectivity in dark colours.
  • Energy efficient, sustainable
  • Infrared heat reflective.
  • Mould and Mildew Protection.

Who can benefit.

Industrial Masonry 

Astec elastomeric coatings protect industrial masonry from acid gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2).

Multi Residential Apartments

Astec crack free elastomeric wall coatings perform the role of an elastic waterproof envelope across the entire building façade.  

Direct Seafront Properties

Astec elastomeric coatings protect seafront  masonry from chloride irons and the ingress of water from wind driven rain.

Cracked Renders

Existing cracks are easily bridged during initial application and remain bridged throughout cold winters and hot humid summers.

Residential Homes

Modern building design requires elastomeric coatings to tolerate movement from multiple substrates to remain watertight.   

Specify Waterproof Crack Bridging Elastomeric Wall Coatings.

42 Years of Flawless Performance - Australian Technology at its finest.

Why Choose Astec & Energy Star Elastomeric Wall Coatings

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Australian Made and Owned

Wallmaster Paints are a leading Australian paint brand that remains 100% Aussie Owned and Operated. We are proud of what we make and that our products can carry the Australian Made and Owned Logo.

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CodeMark Certification

Independent third party accreditation for heat reflective coatings provides our clients' assurance that the Energy Star products they use will perform as stated.

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Environmental Certification

The Good Environmental Choice Label is the only environmental labeling program in Australia which indicates the environmental performance of a product from a whole of product life perspective for consumer goods.