Penetrating-moisture-displacing rust encapsulant.

Rus-traint is a penetrating, moisture displacing, rust encapsulating inhibitor; manufactured from a scientifically balanced blend of penetrating oils, rust inhibitors, oxygen and moisture resistant resins. When applied directly over rust, it will penetrate the finest pores and cavities in the rust, displacing the trapped moisture and encapsulating the rust as a pigment in the dry film. It converts rust into a micro-pore free, fully functional surface ready for painting.


  • Encapsulates rust.
  • Excellent corrosion wetting.
  • Makes use of rust.
  • Excellent stain bleed resistance.
  • Micro poor free film.
  • Under film corrosion protection.


  • Saves time on preparation
  • Deep surface penetration. 
  • Converts existing corrosion.
  • Holds back rust staining.
  • Ready for required topcoats.
  • Retards paint film undercut.

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