Professional Sealer Primer Undercoat

Professional Sealer Primer Undercoat
Australian Made and Owned Paint

Professional Sealer Primer Undercoat


WALLMASTER Pro Sealer Primer Undercoat is a low VOC, low odour, ultra-premium, acrylic primer undercoat. It has superior hiding power, adhesion and surface fill especially when used on joint flushing and repairs of new paper-faced boards. The product glides on smooth and evenly during application and has excellent fill and pigment binding capacity of sanded fillers. The product provides a strongly adhered, high opacity base coat for good gloss hold-out of the subsequent finish coats. The product is fortified with unique flow, wetting and levelling agents that provide excellent ease in brush, roll or spray application, resulting in a smooth and uniform finish.

Principal Uses

Interior, paper faced boards, pre primed MDF, plaster, fibrous plaster, cement sheet, masonry and brick. Do not use this product for any other purpose than as specified in our literature.

📰  Technical Data Sheet

📰  Safety Data Sheet


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