Armatex 2mm こて付けスクラッチ

Texture Coating for Render
Armatex 2mm こて付けスクラッチ
Australian Made and Owned Paint

Armatex 2mm こて付けスクラッチ

Armatex 2mm コテ付けスクラッチは、100% アクリル、水で希釈できるテクスチャ ペーストです。この製品は、適切に準備された垂直壁にドラムから直接コテで適用できる、すぐに使用できる材料を提供するように配合されています。最終的な結果は、従来の砂とセメントのレンダリングと同様の外観を持つ、独自のテクスチャー仕上げです。

📰  テクニカルデータシート

📰  安全性データシート

  • High grade marble aggragates.
  • Strong substrate adhesion.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to alkali.
  • Australian Made and Owned

With over 43 years history in Australia, Astec Armatex Texture Coatings are the name synonymous with high end protective and decorative façade finishing systems. The texture coating systems are (N.C.C.) Compliant Façade Render Systems tested in accordance with Australian Standards Fire Testing AS 1530.1:1994 (R2016) or AS-5113 & BS-8414 - large scale façade fire testing.

Armatex texture coating systems are developed, tested and manufactured in Australia from premium raw materials to AS/NZS 9001-2008 Quality Assurance Standards and carry independent third-party accreditation's such as CodeMark and Good Environment Choice Certification.


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Multi Residential

Fire tested (N.C.C.) Compliant Façade Render Systems for PVC-AAC & FC Sheet.

Watertight Seafront Performance

Elastomeric performance stops the ingress of salts and wind driven rain.

Heat Reflective & Energy Efficient

Energy Star® will Significantly Reduce Absorbed Heat and Cooling Costs.
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