Armatex 9 毫米滚珠 CTC

Texture Coating for Render
Armatex 9 毫米滚珠 CTC
Armatex 9 mm Roll-On CTC Texture Coating
Australian Made and Owned Paint

Armatex 9 毫米滚珠 CTC

Armatex 9 mm Roll-On CTC 是一种 100% 丙烯酸、水可稀释的质地膏。该产品的配方可提供一种即用型材料,可以直接从滚筒上滚涂到适当准备的垂直墙上。最终的结果是一种独特的、非颗粒状纹理饰面,具有统一的点刻轮廓,为任何砖石结构增添了建筑上令人愉悦的吸引力。

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With over 43 years history in Australia, Astec Armatex Texture Coatings are the name synonymous with high end protective and decorative façade finishing systems. The texture coating systems are (N.C.C.) Compliant Façade Render Systems tested in accordance with Australian Standards Fire Testing AS 1530.1:1994 (R2016) or AS-5113 & BS-8414 - large scale façade fire testing.

Armatex texture coating systems are developed, tested and manufactured in Australia from premium raw materials to AS/NZS 9001-2008 Quality Assurance Standards and carry independent third-party accreditation's such as CodeMark and Good Environment Choice Certification.

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