EC-2000 Extreme Gloss

EC-2000 Extreme Gloss
EC-2000 Extreme Gloss

EC-2000 Extreme Gloss


EC-2000 Extreme is a Crack Bridging 100% acrylic, elastomeric wall coating that provides the elongation and elastic recovery necessary to bridge continually moving cracks in a masonry wall.  Cracks are easily bridged during initial application and remain bridged throughout the worst ravages of cold winters and hot humid summers and maintains a positive waterproof seal to masonry and texture finished walls.

The product has high resistance to Carbon Dioxide Permeability making it ideal for seafront and inter-city masonry wall applications. The cured film is tough and highly elastic and incorporates topical strength anti-mould and mildew protection that will resist film growth even throughout Australia’s tropical regions such as far North Queensland.

Principal Uses

Masonry and texture finished walls, pre-cast concrete, cement sheet, rendered walls, brick and concrete block.  Do not use this product for any other purpose than that specified in our literature.

Product Data

Clean-up                      Water


Theoretical Spread Rate @ DFT, (30 microns dry)                 13.86 m2/ltr

Spread rate at recommended D.F.T (300 microns dry)           1.38 m2/ltr

Spread rate at recommended D.F.T (150 microns dry)           2.76 m2/ltr

Masonry                                                                         2.5-2.76 m2/ltr   (single coat)

Brick                                                                               2.5-2.76 m2/ltr   (single coat)

Concrete Block                                                               2.5-2.76 m2/ltr   (single coat)

Cement Sheet                                                                2.5-2.76 m2/ltr   (single coat)

Textured Surface                                                            2.5-2.76 m2/ltr   (single coat)

Recommended Thinners                       Water

Thinning                                               Up to 20 % for Spray applications

Volume Solids.                                     46.2 %

Recoat Time                                         Touch dry in 50 minutes / Recoat 4 hours

Gloss Level                                           6.7 % @ 60 degrees

V.O.C                                                    <25 Gl

QUV Accelerated weathering                

(3972 hrs UVB / Moisture 60 deg C   >78 % of original gloss retained Colour (Black)


Water Transmission Resistance      <24 g/24h/m2/kPa  (AS/NZS 4548.5-1999)


Water Vapour Transmission          140.9 g/m2/24 hour:  (AS/NZS 4548.5-1999)


Elongation @ 25 deg / C                       641 %

Tensile Strength                                   4.278 mpa, max strain

Specific Gravity                                     1.172

PVC                                                      26%


🔽  Product Data Sheet

🔽  Safety Data Sheet


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