Wallmaster Suntuff Low Sheen Paint

Suntuff Low Sheen

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Suntuff Low Sheen is a water based, 100% pure acrylic, protective and decorative coating that is formulated as a non-splatter low sheen paint that is suitable for most exterior applications. It is a rapid drying, high film strength material that exhibits good early resistance to moisture. The formulation dries to a hard, yet flexible film that flows and settles to a smooth low sheen finish offering excellent resistance to environmental dirt pick-up.

Exterior 100% Acrylic.

The product will "breathe", adapting well to harsh freeze / thaw environment, exhibits superior film set properties at temperatures as low as 15°C and bonds tenaciously to most un-primed construction materials.

Suntuff Low Sheen is principally designed as a premium trade exterior coating. It has had extensive use in the maintenance painting industry on gutters, facias, pergolas, galvanised sheet and for the impact coating of acrylic textures. Suntuff Low Sheen does not contain any harmful solvents making it safe for continual spray or roll application.


Sheen Level


Recommended Thinners


Touch Dry


Dry @ 25°C, 50% RH


Theoretical Spread Rate 

[@ 30 mic D.F.T.]


V.O.C. gm/ltr


Solvent Resistance


Salt Water

Distilled Water

Diluted Caustic Soda

Detergent Solution

Dilute 5% Mineral Acid


Accelerated Weathering

[2000 hrs 313 U.V.B.]


Specific Gravity


Solids Volume




Moisture Vapour Transmission 

[Method ASTM E96-1966 Full top-coated system]


Contrast Ratio

(Determined with X-RITE QA Management Software



Pack Sizes

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Low Sheen




30 minutes


2 hours





Low   < 5



No Reaction

No Reaction

No Reaction

No Reaction

No Reaction

No Reaction







30.0% V/V


41.0% V/V


38.6 g.m2/24hrs







1, 4, 10, & 20