Heat Reflective Paints

Energy Star® coatings are sustainable
Energy Efficient solutions for roofs and
walls that significantly reduce absorbed
heat in the building envelope. 


Energy Star Floor Coatings

Infrared heat is reflected away from the Building. The IR heat signature was captured by an infrared camera from the rear of two panels during a Solar Radiation Exposure Test. One panel was Astec Energy Star® Low Sheen and the other, a competitor’s premium exterior acrylic. Both panels were identical in colour.

Heat Reflective Coatings for New Construction & Renovation



Victorian Science Museum

Telstra Switching huts



Why Choose Energy Star

We are proud of what we make and that our products can carry the Australian Made and Owned Logo.

Independent third party accreditation for heat reflective coatings provides our clients' assurance that the Energy Star products they use will perform as stated.

The Good Environmental Choice Label is the only environmental labeling program in Australia which indicates the environmental performance of a product from a whole of product life perspective for consumer goods.