Energy Star B16-IR Grey Primer

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Energy Star B-16 Primer is an infrared heat reflective synthetic alkyd anticorrosive primer and cathodic barrier with outstanding adhesion to new metal surfaces. The product is a resin rich anticorrosive primer manufactured as a concentrate to enable long-term storage without the normal hard settle of the anti-corrosive pigments.


A Cathodic Barrier with Outstanding
Adhesion To New Metal Surfaces.


This product contains high levels of anti-corrosive pigments accommodating maximum weather exposure experienced by metal roofing decks. Zinc Phosphate, the cathodic protection ingredient, chemically prevents the iron from reacting with the oxygen in the air to form rust. Higher than normally required levels of Zinc Phosphate are incorporated in the primer for added resilience to the levels of electrolysis experienced on metal roofing decks.

Most importantly, the Solar reflective properties of the product ensure that the primer will not attract heat and boil beneath semi-opaque protective top-coats. Additionally, it provides a cool surface for subsequent top-coats applied in direct sunlight.

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