EC-100 Dirtguard PCM Gloss

Heat Reflective Coatings for New Construction and Renovation.

Energy Star® coatings are sustainable and Energy Efficient solutions for roofs and walls that significantly reduce absorbed heat in the building envelope.

The use of Energy Star® systems during restoration or new construction results in energy cost savings, cooler occupancy zones and reduced Co2 emissions.

EC-100 Dirtguard P.C.M Gloss 

An Infrared Heat Reflective Waterproof Membrane With Outstanding Elasticity and Resistance to Ponded Water.

EC-100 Dirtguard PCM Gloss is a heat reflective water-based 100% acrylic elastomeric coating, designed for use as a U.V. stable waterproofing membrane on all correctly prepared and primed roofing decks. The product is low in Volatile Organic Compounds, (V.O.C.), and is adhesion promoted, providing a positive long-term bond to the substrate. The product has outstanding Crack Bridging elastomeric performance and excellent resistance to ponded water. It has excellent elongation and recovery and provides a positive waterproof seal for concrete and ply decks, metal, asbestos, and cement tiled roofing.


  • High Solar Reflectivity.
  • High crack bridging ratio.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • High Water vapour transmission.
  • Low temperature flexibility.
  • Mould and Mildew Protection.
  • 2 Hour recoat.


  • Energy efficient, sustainable.
  • 43.9 x dry film thickness. 
  • <5 g/24h/m2/kPa
  • g/m²/24 hour / 130.70
  • Minus 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Ideal for tropical climates.
  • Easy Water clean-up.

Why Choose Energy Star

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Australian Made and Owned

Wallmaster Paints are a leading Australian paint brand that remains 100% Aussie Owned and Operated. We are proud of what we make and that our products can carry the Australian Made and Owned Logo.

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CodeMark Certification

Independent third party accreditation for heat reflective coatings provides our clients' assurance that the Energy Star products they use will perform as stated.

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Environmental Certification

The Good Environmental Choice Label is the only environmental labeling program in Australia which indicates the environmental performance of a product from a whole of product life perspective for consumer goods.

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