Firewall Skim

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Armatex Firewall Skim is a polymer bound float coat, filled with proprietary vitreous aggregates and specialty additives that are designed minimize vertical and or horizontal flame spread and to ensure that strong inter-coat adhesion is maintain with Astec Firewall Render when a building facade is exposed to temperatures of up to 1000 degrees centigrade during a large-scale fire.

This adhesion and flame spread performance was proven during large scale test conducted to AS-5113 when the product was exposed to 30 minutes of extreme fire conditions and radiant heat while at the same time being exposed to substrate intumescing, thermal drift and warping of a PVC substrate.

Armatex Firewall Skim provides the applicator a highly polymer bound float coat that floats smooth in a similar manner to that of a traditional sand and cement faring coat.
Firewall Skim

Firewall Skim  

Firewall Skim-tested to large scale facade fire testing in accordance with AS5113:2016, BS8414-2:2015

  • Tested to AS5113:2016, BS8414-2:2015  
  • Very strong substrate adhesion.
  • Minimal to no drying shrinkage 
  • Good water resistance
  • Rapid cure and bond strength
  • Floats smooth and uniform
  • Excellent RESISTANCE to alkali


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